Staying Safe On The Road

Traveling can be a dangerous proposition.  Many people driving today don’t pay attention, have freak medical emergencies and try to drive impaired.  Other conditions such as poor vehicle maintenance, weather conditions and more will lead to many people needing commercial vehicle roadside assistance.

For those traveling here are a few tips that you can use.

Stay in your car at all times

You don’t want to get out of your car and wonder around a busy highway.  If you break down, you want to pull off to the side of the road as far as possible so other traffic won’t hit you.  If you have trouble at night you especially want to be as far off the road as possible. 

Run your lights

If you are on the side of the road you want to run your lights and have your hood open.  The open hood is a universal sign of distress.  If you are in the dark or your lights don’t work, try using a flare or other light source.  It is always a good idea to carry flashlights, flares and other emergency gear in your vehicle.  A good place to store these is under the back seat or in the trunk under the spare tire.

Have a prepaid cell phone

Locate a prepaid cell phone that you can keep in your car.  This burner phone should always be charged and have at least an hour of talk time on it.  When traveling on long trips you may want to have a few calling cards available just in case something goes wrong.

Watch the weather

Before traveling watch the weather, traffic conditions, construction projects and more.  When entering a new state or area of the country pull off to a rest stop and do some research on what is possibly ahead. 


commercial vehicle roadside assistance

Finally, know the news stations on the radio.  These will help you in so many ways if you are in need of help.  They can tell you where dangers are and with your GPS systems guide you away from trouble.