3 Common Marine Issues

When something starts to go wrong with your boat, it can cause a lot of panic. However, marine vessels often face problems due to several issues, some of which require replacement marine parts. If you’ve come across a problem with your boat, there may be a solution for it to keep your vessel running smoothly.

Not Starting

replacement marine parts

If you’ve tried to start up the engine with no luck, it can be unnerving and cause immediate worry. However, before you start to panic, there are a few things to check first. Shift the boat into neutral and find the starter switch, looking to see if anything is loose. Tighten up loose screws and try starting it up again. If you’ve still had no luck, it may be the battery or a poor connection.

Not Steering

You can’t go anywhere on your boat if you can’t steer it, which can be a worrisome issue. Sometimes, the wheel locks up while at other times it simply turns without actually moving anything. The most common cause is a hydraulic fluid leak, which will need to be remedied. If the wheel is stuck, you may have a loose connection or mechanical issue that needs immediate servicing.

Dead Engine

If you’re on the open water, an engine going dead can leave you speechless and harried. The first thing to do is to make sure that the kill switch hasn’t been triggered. You should also check the ignition switch and look for loose connections. If the problem is the engine itself, you may need to get your vessel services by professionals.

These 3 common issues can often be remedied simply by checking connections or fluid levels in your vessel. However, in some cases you will need the help of a professional that can diagnose and fix the heart of the problem.